ESKATA New treatment for “Maturity Spots”


ESKATA™ Topical Treatment

Raised seborrheic keratosis (SK) causes unattractive, unpleasant and uncomfortable malformations on the skin, which other people might easily notice. Sometimes referred to as ‘age spots’ or ‘maturity spots’, they are usually dark, raised and rough.  They are mostly hereditary.  These spots can form almost anywhere on the body and although some can be itchy or irritated,  they tend to be more of a cosmetic nuisance.  Past treatments have included freezing with liquid nitrogen, electrocautery, and surgical excision.

Thankfully, there is a breakthrough topical treatment for raised SK: ESKATA. You can start controlling and reducing the appearance of your raised SK with ease thanks to ESKATA.  This treatment is applied in the office and may require 1-3 applications for full effect.  Once treated the area will redden and possibly swell for 5-7 days.

Dermatology and Advanced Aesthetics is excited to offer ESKATA to our patients. As with most dermatological treatments and products, ESKATA might not be right for everyone. We will gladly discuss whether or not your raised SK can be treated with ESKATA, or if another cosmetic or surgical procedure might be better utilized.

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