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Psoriasis is a common, chronic skin condition that occurs after a rapid buildup of skin cells. Red, raised, dry and cracked scaly patches form on the skin as a result. At times, it can also affect your fingernails, causing yellowing and small depressions. Psoriasis can range from mild to severe, and usually causes itching and burning in the affected areas. While there is currently no cure, Dr. Shondra Smith offers a variety of treatments that are effective in relieving psoriasis symptoms.

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What Causes Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is caused by a disorder of your immune system involving a type of white blood cell called a “T cell.” While T cells usually travel through the body to fight off viruses and other foreign substances, they actually attack healthy skin cells in patients with psoriasis. This results in an increased production of healthy skin cells, which build up on the surface of the skin, causing scaling and patches. Psoriasis symptoms can worsen as a result of triggers, including the following:

  • Infections
  • Injury to the Skin
  • Stress
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Certain Medications

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What are Psoriasis Symptoms?

Psoriasis symptoms vary from patient to patient, but they often include the following:

  • Red Patches of Scaly Skin
  • Crusting
  • Dry, Cracked Skin
  • Itching or Burning
  • Soreness
  • Thickened Nails

For many people with psoriasis, it is simply a cosmetic issue. In some cases, however, it can cause severe pain, especially when it is associated with arthritis. Psoriasis symptoms usually come and go with remissions and flareups occurring throughout a patient’s life.

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Treatment Options

Treatment with Dr. Smith focuses on clearing the skin of symptoms. Treatment options are intended to interrupt the abnormal cycle that has caused the increased production of skin cells. Dr. Smith utilizes the following treatment options:

  • Oral Medications – This includes retinoids, methotrexate or cyclosporine.
  • Topical Creams – This usually includes the use of of corticosteroids, Vitamin D or topical retinoids.
  • Injectable Biologics

Patients can help relieve symptoms by keeping their skin clean and moisturized. It is also good to cover the affected areas while sleeping, and to avoid triggers like stress, smoking and alcohol. By adhering to Dr. Smith’s prescribed treatment plan and following the recommended home remedies, effective relief is possible.

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