Laser Removal Of Pigmented Lesions Lake Charles LA

Laser Removal of Pigmented Lesions

We offer laser removal of pigmented lesions (age spots or sun spots). The Apogee Elite system, used for these treatments, is the first available in this area and is distributed by Cynosure, a world-wide leader in the field of aesthetic medicine.

The removal of pigmented lesions is a non-ablative, non-surgical treatments designed to remove these signs of aging and make brown imperfections disappear. The treatments, which take less than 15 minutes, can make anyone’s skin look healthier and younger. The treatments are non-invasive and there is no downtime and no healing required, and make-up can be applied immediately after treatment.

What Is Laser Removal Of Pigmented Lesions Treatment?

Laser pigmented lesion removal is the removal of hyperpigmented (dark) lesions with a specific wavelength of light that is attracted to melanin.

What Causes Pigmented Lesions?

Most pigmented lesions are caused by old sun damage that current unprotected sun will bring out. Sometimes women can get a condition called melasma that is caused by either birth control or other hormones.

How Many Treatments Will It Take?

The number of treatments will vary. It is dependent on the depth of the pigment, which is usually determined by the original damage.

Does The Treatment Hurt?

The treatment stings or burns while being performed and can remain irritated for several days.

Will Any Of The Melanin Pigment Remain After Treatment?

There are some times when not all of the pigment can be removed.

What Types Of Brown Spots Or Pigmented Lesions Will The Laser Remove?

The laser will be used to remove lesions called lentigo (or sunspots) and melasma.

Can The Excess Pigmentation Come Back?

There are certain skin types that laser can actually make the pigmentation worse. These are usually skin types IV, V and VI because of the natural melanin already in the skin. Therefore, lasers are not idea for pigment removal in these skin types.

What Type Of Post-Treatment Care Is Necessary?

The most important post treatment care is sunscreen.

Are The Results Permanent?

The results are usually not permanent. Even under the best sunscreen conditions, eventually enough UVA/UVB rays will get through to bring pigmentation back.

Are There Any Side Effects To Treatment?

As with any laser procedure, the most common side effects are burning, blistering, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation.

If you are considering laser removal of pigmented lesions in Orange, TX or Lake Charles, Sulphur, Moss Bluff, and Jennings, LA, contact our office today.

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