Kybella can Dismantle Your Double Chin

e’ve all heard jokes about that little thing called a “turkey neck.” While this term may describe loose skin beneath the chin, it is often a portrayal of what we know as the dreaded double chin. In medicine, the accumulation of fat beneath the jaw line is referred to as submental fullness. By any name, the uninvited deposits of fat aren’t easy to eliminate. In our Lake Charles office, patients can turn to Kybella to achieve lasting results without surgery.

Kybella was a drug that consumer looked forward to for months before its 2015 FDA-approval. Since that time, millions of treatments have been performed as people have realized the stubbornness of this problem.

A double chin can develop even if you’re not overweight.

Even though we tend to look at a person with a double chin as overweight, there is a strong likelihood that they’re not. Submental fullness may have more to do with your genetic makeup than what you eat every day. This isn’t to say that weight gain isn’t sometimes the cause or at least a contributing factor, but that there are other players in the game that may make it more difficult to avoid this problem.

Exercise has no effect on submental fullness. When we gain weight on our thighs or midsection, we have reason to believe that we can drop pounds and inches by getting our diet and exercise habits in order. The same cannot be said for a double chin. If this is the area your body has selected for fat storage, there isn’t much that can be done with lifestyle to change that.

Aging doesn’t help matters. As we age, collagen protein fibers break down beneath the skin. These fibers are what support the epidermis and keep skin firm. The loss of firmness and also elasticity that occurs in the lower face allows fatty tissue to drop down to the jaw line and beneath the chin. This may be what causes a double chin or what makes it more prominent.

How Kybella can Help

Kybella is a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid. This chemical naturally occurs in the body to help the digestive system break down dietary fat. The use of deoxycholic acid in subdermal tissue has been widely studied and proven an efficient modality for destroying small pockets of fat under the chin. For optimal results, a series of two to six sessions may be needed. Results begin to appear within just a few weeks as treatments continue over the course of a few months. As the acid breaks down fat cells for metabolism, the profile improves significantly.

Are you ready to destroy your double chin for good? Schedule a consultation in our Lake Charles office to learn more about Kybella.

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