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Dermal fillers have been around long enough that most adults know what they are and have a general idea of what they do. If you have not yet obtained treatment to reduce the signs of aging that concern you, the idea of dermal fillers may still feel somewhat overwhelming, especially now that so many options are available. The good news is you don’t have to choose a treatment on your own. In our Lake Charles office, patient care begins with a thorough consultation and meaningful conversation about concerns, questions, and expected outcome. We appreciate an informed patient, and our patients appreciate clear, concise information on various products like Belotero.

Belotero is a lesser-known dermal filler, though, according to studies, no less efficient than the Big Names in Beauty like Juvéderm and Restylane. Like these product lines, Belotero is formulated on a base of hyaluronic acid. This ingredient is biocompatible because the body makes its own source of hyaluronic acid. It is also biodegradable; the body will naturally absorb it over time. Hyaluronic acid is an excellent ingredient for anti-aging because it works naturally by adhering to water molecules in superficial tissues. This can add volume and beautifully smooth lines and wrinkles. 

What Makes Belotero Different?

In a sea of hyaluronic acid fillers, what one looks for is the nuance of various products. In recent years, all hyaluronic acid fillers have undergone a massive transformation. Some products manufacture hyaluronic acid particles in a tighter formation to add more structure deeper beneath the skin. Some contain a looser collection of particles for smoother, more subtle consistency. This is the end of the spectrum on which Belotero falls. The gelatinous form of Belotero achieves the kind of distribution that naturally enhances facial contours. 

The consistency of Belotero hyaluronic acid filler provides gentle rejuvenation in superficial lines, those that can be challenging due to what is called the Tyndall Effect. When fillers are inserted at a shallow depth beneath the skin, a bluish tint may occur. While this is temporary, it can be distracting. The smooth and subtle density of hyaluronic acid in Belotero minimizes the risk of this happening. 

Results of treatment last up to 12 months and can be repeated as needed to maintain youthful facial contouring. This product can also be combined with others, such as Botox or even other dermal fillers, to address multiple concerns simultaneously. 

Is Belotero Right for You?

Learn more about Belotero and other injectable treatments for facial rejuvenation. Call our Lake Charles office at (337) 477-0011.

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