The Many Ways You Can Keep Your Skin on Track

istock 1134019997 1 We all realize that our skin will show the signs of aging at some point in life. This knowledge can be empowering. It can nudge us to look for ways to promote healthy, resilient tissue. Here, we discuss a few skin care treatments that elevate your regimen beyond facial cleansing and moisturizing.

  1. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion

These professional treatments are performed to exfoliate the skin. They are more efficient than the exfoliating that is done at home. Chemical peels slough off the outer layer of dead and damaged cells by dislodging them with mild chemicals. The strength of a peel can be customized to have a gentler or more intense effect. Microdermabrasion also exfoliates the skin but it does so using mechanical action rather than a chemical reaction. Microdermabrasion dislodges old cells with tiny crystal particles and then suctions them away. Both treatments are excellent for younger patients whose skin has not yet begun to show the signs of aging. Once the signs of aging have developed, these methods of exfoliation support healthier cellular turnover and collagen production.

  1. Botox

Like chemical peels and microdermabrasion, Botox is commonly used both correctively and preventively. This FDA-approved drug has long been thought of as a wrinkle-reducer. This is true. A few injections can erase frown lines, crow’s feet, and more. Additionally, Botox can be introduced into tissue to soften the muscle contractions that eventually cause permanent lines and creases.

  1. RF Microneedling

We are excited to offer Profound RF microneedling to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. These concerns develop because the cells that support the skin stop producing adequate amounts of collagen and elastin sometime around age 30. To make sure the skin is properly regenerating, it is necessary to find ways to stimulate activity in those sleepy cells. Radiofrequency, delivered through tiny needles, can do this. Clinical studies indicate that Profound RF microneedling can double the production of collagen and increase the production of elastin by 5-times. The stimulation that occurs after one treatment can rebuild collagen and elastin for several months.

There is no benefit to waiting for the signs of aging to appear. Contact our Lake Charles office at (337) 477-0011 to explore our various services.

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